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Big Things Are Coming In 2022

Spring Baseball League

As the weather starts to turn and football came to an end, the Redding Browns have been getting back on the field and preparing for the first game of the Spring season. The Browns have had a productive off season, adding a few key players to the spring 2022 roster and preparing for the upcoming season in the Shasta Baseball League.

You can stream the games live each week by

clicking this link here: Redding Browns Live Stream

Field Improvements

There was major efforts over the off season to improve the fields that the Browns play their games on. The Wynne Price Athletic Field received new dirt and had a facelift to the infield by having the edges of the infield replaced. Browns first baseman Weatherbee and infielder Bigelow helped as Volonte Park Baseball Field had their batters and catchers boxes rebuilt as well as a couple bags of clay added to the mounds at both fields.


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