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Despite Strong Fight, Redding Browns Can't Top Redding Blue Jays

Redding Browns notched five runs in the fourth inning. The offensive firepower by Redding Browns was led by Sipes, Martines, Marinello, and Goodrich, all driving in runs in the inning.

Lundbera was the winning pitcher for Redding Blue Jays.

The bulldog surrendered four runs on four hits over two innings, striking out one and walking zero. Vierria threw five innings in relief out of the bullpen.

Redding Browns couldn't keep up with Redding Blue Jays early in the game. Redding Blue Jays scored on a single by Miller in the first inning, a single by Lundbera in the first inning, a double by Edwardson in the first inning, and a single by Lundbera in the second inning.

Redding Blue Jays opened up scoring in the first inning. Vierria drew a walk, scoring one run.

Redding Browns tallied one home run on the day when Sipes put one out in the fourth inning.Jenkins took the loss for Redding Browns. The righthander allowed nine hits and nine runs over three innings, striking out one.

Redding Browns collected 13 hits. Sipes, Martines, and Goodrich each collected multiple hits for Redding Browns. Sipes went 4-for-4 at the plate to lead Redding Browns in hits.

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