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Shortfall Despite Solid Year in 2021

Updated: Mar 16

Browns finish first and and have a winning record of 15 - 9 in the 2021 season, but didn't come out on top as they fell short in their first appearance in the Shasta baseball League Championships game.

The Redding Browns placed first in the Spring season and lost to the Blue Jays in the playoffs, then in the Fall season they tied for first and lost to the Giants in the Championship game.

The team is announcing the departure of one of our most consistent players, the man behind the mask, our faithful catcher during the 2021 season. Mr. Delveccio is a bright young man and has an incredible future ahead of him. The Redding Browns wish Abraham Delveccio good luck in the next chapter of his life as he joins the military to defend and fight for our great nation. Good luck Abraham!

The Redding Browns recently joined the American Amature Baseball Congress (AABC) which, is the largest amateur baseball organization in the United States for players above junior baseball age and the only amateur baseball program that provides progressive and continuous organized competition. The Browns are in the Stan Musial division (19+) and are looking forward to playing a few AABC teams over the summer of 2022.

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